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Drawing your own blood

So, we had an educational seminar this past Saturday and one of the topics was drawing your own blood. It can be a great expense-saver to draw your own blood for both your ARI blood cards and BVD testing. At our ranch we send our own blood tubes for BVD testing into the lab directly and save quite a bit of money. We use API (Animal Profiling) out of Portland, OR and the cost is $4.95 per test. It can be a bit nerve wracking to try and draw blood for the first couple of times, but if you can

NW Alpaca Showcase 2013

Well, another year has come and gone and we once again participated in the NW Alpaca Showcase in Pasco, WA. I was the show manager for another year (after taking 2012 off) and it was wonderful to have such a great group of volunteers to work on the show!

It was our first year of having a live herdsire auction, which was a big success thanks to Marlys Brown of Shadow Ridge alpacas!

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