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Huacaya Alpacas breeding Stock


Bred (Female)

Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
ASPEN ALPACAS BRUSSELS Huacaya Bred (Female) True Black 3 yrs Ask for Price
ASPEN ALPACAS ELSSA   Huacaya Bred (Female) Beige, Light Rose Grey 2 yrs $15000.00
ASPEN ALPACAS LUA ROSE   Huacaya Bred (Female) Dark Silver Grey 3 yrs
ASPEN ALPACAS LUNA VELVET   Huacaya Bred (Female) Medium Fawn 1 yr $13000.00
ASPEN ALPACAS SILVER PEARL   Huacaya Bred (Female) Medium Silver Grey 2 yrs Ask for Price
ASPEN ALPACAS SONATA Huacaya Bred (Female) Light Fawn 3 yrs Ask for Price
CAELUM'S LADY BELLA   Huacaya Bred (Female) True Black 6 yrs Ask for Price
JANUS EPIC ROSE Huacaya Bred (Female) Dark Rose Grey 12 yrs Ask for Price
JANUSASPEN MIDNIGHT IN PARIS Huacaya Bred (Female) True Black 4 yrs Ask for Price
MALITTA OF ATV   Huacaya Bred (Female) True Black 12 yrs $6000.00