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Customer Testimonials

Mary and Stan are breeding not only excellent animals but they  are producing champions!!! As a client I am so glad to be part of their  success. Not only do they have wonderful genetics and wonderful animals, but they are truly a pleasure to deal with. They are small breeders who are honest and knowledgeable about their animals and totally trustworthy to  work with. You know what you get when you buy from them, and its quite possibly champions!!!

Prairie Spirit Alpacas

Hello Mary,

Just wanted to let you know that Capri had her baby on Monday.  He is spectacular!!! He's looks to be turning a beautiful rose with a light grey face.
Did you know we were getting a boy? Couldn't be more thrilled! 

Thanks again!
Charmed Life Alpacas


Two yrs ago after several years of investigating  the Alpaca business, I met Stan and Mary Miller.  I had done the majority of my research thru the internet, so that is how we became connected. Mary has vast knowledge-some thru trial and error-much thru yrs of research and education, which she generously shares with others. We bought our first 2 alpacas from Stan and Mary-both from good lineage. Though we have bought alpacas from other ranches, I would have to say that it is Mary that I go to for advice.  She is accessible and goes above and beyond for her clients. She believes in the industry and it's success. She cares deeply about her animals.   Not only would I recommend Aspen Alpaca Company for their quality animals but there superb customer service!

Mowry Mountain Alpacas

Monday, September 8, 2014